Friday, December 23, 2005

Never a dull moment.....bugs and UFOs.....

Been a while, as we took a little vacation down south to the "Keys". We're a camping family. We truly enjoy it...pitching the tent, hanging out in our camping chairs while the boys get completely filthy dirty and play until they collapse from exhaustion.

This trip was to be a gem of all camping trips. We went to our favorite place called Long Key State Park, where each campsite is feet away from the beach, the ocean, the rush of the water, the feeling of soft sand between your toes. Unfortunately, this time there were also some intense SAND BUGS, and "No-see-ums", the little annoying creatures that are the size of a pin head but when they bite you, you itch for days!!! So of course, my big guy, my 4 and THREE QUARTERS year old, was eaten alive!!! All of us got bitten, but his bites swell up three times the size, and he cannot control his scratching. It's awful.

So, our fabulous vacation was cut short, and we moved to the next stage of our planned trip............a 3 night condo stay! Hey, we may love camping, but we also love cleaning up and being in a clean place AFTER camping!!!

We spent 3 glorious nights also overlooking the ocean, although not as close, and in the comfort of sand-free beds! We un-wound, relaxed, and enjoyed each other. We played legos, candyland, chutes and ladders, rescue heroes, we made forts and playdough sculptures, and we laughed and tickled lots. The kids had fun too, just joking. :)

Anyway, we started on our way home yesterday, with our minivan packed to the gills (we need to work on packing LESS, tons less! ) We had put our suitcases on the roof of the van, zipped up in one of those special cloth roof packs that zips around your stuff. Well, as we were driving, the zipper broke free, the wind ripped it open, and our suitcases went the middle of traffic on the Florida Turnpike!!! It was just wild, and thank g-d, nobody was hit with our suitcase, and nobody hit each other as a result of this UFO (un-imaginable flying object). I called 911, hoping to get a trooper to come stop traffic so that we could get our stuff (mine and the boys actually, hubby's suitcase survived and landed on the back of the van on our bikes). Anyway, he took a little walk to see where it actually landed, maybe we could have retrieved it........then he saw a woman plow into it, as it busted open and all of our things went flying! ugh. *gulp*

Oh well...........never a dull moment!!!

ps. the troopers never came, and when hubby saw the stuff go flying, we knew that was it, the end, no chance of getting any of it back. Oh well, just stuff. We'll buy more spiderman underwear, and another Bob the builder beach towel.