Saturday, December 24, 2005

Made in China???

Can you believe it..........our Chanukah candles are Made in China!!! What isn't these days?? Too funny.

Just had to share, even if it feels like I'm the only one reading this thing.

To quote Trepenwitz.......... " this thing on?"
(am I allowed to do that, just quote someone?) hmmmm.....will have to look into that. Sorry if I've committed a blog-faux-pa.

fyi.........we went to the Aliyah office yesterday, met with the shaliach, our papers our in, our Aliyah TIK is OPENED!!! It's getting more real. hubby has been working on his resume, more talk of him doing a pilot trip in May, and the butterflies are beginning for talking about this more in the coming months with friends and family.

*gulp* As long as I keep thinking about the MADE IN CHINA chanukah candles it keeps my nerves down and makes me laugh.....oh, and this one too:

While in the shaliach's office, my 4 and 3/4 year old (he insists now on keeping that straight), found some sort of santa looking thing on the floor in a corner.......... "HEY!" he shouts, "THAT'S NOT A JEWISH TOY!!" as if the authorities needed to be alerted and the troops should have been called in!!!

I guess the subtle infusion we're doing trying to get this kid interested in joining us on the Aliyah might be working! :)