Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hug your babies tight....

Took my little one today for an outpatient surgical procedure at the hospital. It was planned, not an emergency. He has had this knot/bump on his knee for a few months and it has been bothering him. All professionals involved agreed that it should come out.

Just had to share the pure essence of fear that I felt as they put him under. I insisted that I be present when they put him under, and I'm glad I was the last one he saw/last voice he heard, etc, but it was freaky. He wasn't just asleep, didn't just have his eyes closed, ya know? As a mother, my worst fears surfaced, and the 45 minutes that we waited for the doctor to come and tell us he was ok were just excruciating.

My heart goes out to all parents who have ever had to go through major medical stuff with their children, or g-d forbid parents who have lost what we all hold so dear. I felt as if I was looking in on that world, thank goodness it was through a locked window, if you know what I mean.

He's doing fine now, just limping around a bit here and there, and wondering where his brother is (he went with his cousins, aunt, and Saba who are all visiting...they went to the zoo, shhh...don't tell the little guy!)

Anyway, thanks for listening, I feel much better now!