Monday, January 09, 2006

What's new???

I haven't posted in ages....have come on here to read other blogs, but just haven't had the itch to write. Figured it was time for an update. So, here goes.... just a mish-mash of everything going on these days.......

It's official!!! Our Tik Aliyah (aliyah file or application) has been approved!!! Gathering the final letter of rec. for the Nefesh b'nefesh application, and hope to have that out by next week. It's exciting, and surreal!

The word is getting out. We have told all of the immediate family and have gotten mostly positive responses. There is alot of shock, but understanding and many have told us that although they are shocked, that it makes sense for us, we seem so happy about it, they know it's something we've wanted for a long time, etc. etc. I guess they 'get it' more than we thought they did. Feels good to not have it pressing as a secret inside of me.

Had our preliminary Garage Sale this weekend. Cleared out quite a bit of stuff and made $350 too! A win-win situation despite my sun-burned face. We are planning a BIG sale in June...can't believe it's so close, yet so far.

Found out that a family I know from the area is also making aliyah!!! The husband is Israeli like mine, she is American, and they have 2 kids. Her oldest was in school with my oldest when they were 2, we were friendly, just lost touch. I look forward to getting together with her to give my A. a chance to build a connection that will continue for him Ba'Aretz. I'm thrilled for me too, to have someone going through similar things...

A. has talked a bit more about making aliyah. My hubby and I have been infusing him with the idea and have increased the use of hebrew and teachcing him words here and there. We feel that it's important to have him 'on board' to try to help eliminate his negative feelings that may arise. This week he told someone that he can't move to Israel yet because he needs to learn more hebrew! He then mentioned that Emah and Abbah have been teaching him words every day except for the holidays. (not sure where he got that part), but it's great that he's seeing the benefits and that there is a method to our madness! There really is no getting anything passed him!

I think that's about all that's up with us. One feels so strange talking to people who do not know about our plans. The typical exchange goes like this:
them: "Hi S, how are you?"
me: "Hi, doing great, what's new?"
them: "Oh nothing much, and you?"
me: (pause and *gulp*) "Yep, same here, same-old, same-old." yeah right.