Sunday, June 04, 2006

The countdown continues...

4 weeks and 3 days...........holy cow!!! wow!!! and yes, we have been quite busy.

Hubby came home a week ago, and we have been going full throttle. We had a renter come and sign a lease. I deposited her thousand dollar check in the bank the next morning and when I returned home found an email asking me to wait till Friday to deposit. (RED FLAG) I told her I had already deposited it, and wished her good luck in getting it together so that it doesn't bounce. I didn't hear back from that email till Thursday when I got this email:
Susie, I have really horrible news. I went to my job
this morning and walked into a bad situation.
The place was being audited for fraud.
There were several government agents from HIPPA.
Apparently they were billing with incorrect
codes and with expired SS #'s. I was interrogated
and then sent home. I just may be out of a job.
They had the front door red flagged.
This is serious, this situation has put
me in a really bad position, emotionally,
mentally, personally and all of the above.
As of now I dont know if my office or the
company will remain operating. I will keep
you posted, but If I am out of a job there is
no way I can move into your home.
The situation is a total setback in my plans.
what? huh? ok, where are the candid cameras? I give up, you got me! hee hee, ha ha, very funny............but no. That check of course bounced on Friday, and we're back to pursuing more renters. AARGH!
On a good note, things are moving forward with the packing and buying. Since Hubby came home a week ago, here is a brief summary of what we have bought and done........
  • a new queen pillowtop mattres/box
  • new twin for one of the boys' bunks
  • a new DVD camcorder b/c our old camcorder was trying to eat tapes
  • a patio set still in box to take with us
  • an outdoor storage bench to take
  • a laptop
  • an outdoor canopy type thing
  • my pots/pans, new silverware, and some other misc. bed,bath,beyond stuff (with coupons of course)
  • I'm up to box #22 in packing, oh, and bought more boxes.
  • showed house again to potential renter, fell in love with her, and are keeping our fingers crossed...
  • SOLD hubby's BIG pick-up truck that he originally had bought so that we could then buy a big camper. Then we went to Israel last summer and "saw the light..." hee hee
  • cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more
  • rented hubby a car to drive the next 4 weeks (funny seeing him go from a Toyota Tundra to a dodge Neon!) hee hee again!

And that's about it............whew! I'm tired just writing it all out. This coming week the boys start back in camp, I increase my tutoring to twice a week (which is NICE at $60 each time!); and the packing continues....

uh oh, I hear someone wandering the halls....and it's 5 am! not a good thing. Thanks for reading, I'll try a bit better to update more often!

hugs to you all.....................sus