Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why NOT Aliyah, right now????

So, Westbankmama has started the ball rolling asking people to answer the question of WHY we have already or are now making ALIYAH. Here goes...

The night before I left for my 'year' in Israel, my parents made me promise that no matter what, "I'd come back to the US and finish college." It's as if they knew that once the bug hit me, that there very well could be no turning back. I listened carefully, and was really ok with my 'orders,' cuz really, it didn't feel like THE TIME to be there any longer than that year. That was 1988. I was 18.

I met my husband 2 years later at the University of Florida. We hit it off right away. In addition to the natural attraction that we felt for each other, we both felt so at home with the other's love for Israel. I have fond memories of talking for hours, sharing stories....but mostly listening to his descriptions of growing up in Israel, of his making aliyah when he was 9, and more.

We insisted that our wedding invitations be half in hebrew/ half in English, and we searched out someone who would do it for us. It was not a common thing for people in our area. We went to a local Israeli restaraunt to ask if anyone knew a good Israeli band, and didn't care about the American traditions of receiving lines, following caterers orders on my day, etc.

We named our kids Aviv and Ilan; and when you walk into our home, you know....you feel it. Israelis have told us that our home reminds them of being in Israel, the warmth, it's just there. It's just who we are, and who we have always felt comfortable being.

Over the years, we've made a few trips to Israel---some each on our own (like when hubby went for his sister's wedding, or when I went on a Hadassah trip). As for our trips together in Israel.....it was the last 2 weeks of our 6 week honeymoon (Greece, Israel, Munich to see a friend, and of course, Amsterdam); we went to Israel when i was 6 months pregnant with Aviv, and again when I was 5 months pregnant with Ilan, with Aviv. Last summer, we spent a month there......it was then that we KNEW the time was right. In each of the preceeding times, when we talked about it, the panic came, the tears came, and I couldn't really talk about it.

But last summer, we talked about maybe giving it a try, going for a year to see. Then we started to do the research. In the Fall, we realized that if we wanted to do it, and do it right, that we needed to go full force. The kicker? The changing moment?

Hubby and went out to lunch one weekend afternoon while some family members were staying with the kids. Sitting down and talking about it, hubby leaned over and asked,


I sat there for a second, and when the tears didn't come, and a smile filled my face, and I had that WOW feeling in my stomach and in my heart...........I knew............ I had no answer for him, there was NO reason why we should NOT make aliyah right now, and so many reasons why we SHOULD.

We've had many discussions about it of course since that afternoon, but it has always felt like this is just the right thing for us to do. This past week has reinforced our feelings, and as things start to 'fall into place,' I am in awe. I am calling old friends to say good-bye, and am telling people that I do not even know, of our plans. It's all very exciting. And weird things are happening............hubby's job, which is as I mentioned, above and beyond our expectations; an apt. that he thinks he's found; renters for our house that I think I've found; the perfect Gan Chova for Aviv that he thinks he's found; and just the incredible feelings we are having.............that feeling when you know you're doing what you have been PUT ON THIS EARTH TO DO.

.....and that's why we are making aliyah, we're just supposed to do it, it feels right, it's part of our plan, but not the plan we've written, more like the plan we've REALIZED.