Monday, July 27, 2009

Tap, tap, this thing on?

*SWEEP-SWEEP-SWEEP*...........excuse me while I clean up the cobwebs and dirt around sure has been a while!!!

Four and a half months actually........but I think I have a good excuse, don't you? :) Sivan has been essentially my world as you can imagine, and I think in her entire life I have only left her a few times and for the longest time for an hour when I went to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Usually she is weith me ALL. THE. TIME. But that's ok, I'm still completely in awe of her....and of course so completely in love with her, her smile, her rolls, her DRESSES!!!

Sooo, before I post I must tell you that I owe this 'return to blogland' to the fact that Baila of "I'll Call Baila". In honor of her 2 year blogiversary, she wrote a post about her reorganization of her blog. She totally gave me a shout-out and I felt like a celebrity! haha But at the same time I was like, omg, I haven't even written in almost 5 months, so not cool of me. So here I am. Thanks Baila for the kick in the keester!

Anyway, there is so much going around in my head about what I could write about but I don't want to scare anyone away just as I've gotten your attention. So I think I'll leave you with some pictures of what has been filling my head, heart, and hands these days. And keep your eyes open, I think I'll be back again sooner rather than later........hugs to all.

ps. If you've read this , give me a shoutout, let me know I'm really not talking to myself!!!