Saturday, January 31, 2009

Help is on the way.....

So we asked my father-in-law (FIL) to come back a week early. They live here in Israel, but have been in the US helping and visiting with my hubby's sister. She's divorced (for a year now), and has 3 kids, her ex is a shmuck, and they (the 'laws) go there a couple of times a year for a few months at a time to visit and help out. This year's trip happened to be planned where he would come back next week and she (mother in law) is coming back 2 weeks later after teaching a course or something like that there.

Enter high blood pressure and house arrest......and a hubby that works till 7pm at least every night, and it's been a rough week. I've thought I could do more than I realized I can and there have been a couple of days where I've returned home with the boys, set them up to play on the computer, and gone to bed just to be horizontal for an hour. not cool.

So my FIL is coming back today, arriving soon, then after resting and unpacking a little, will come to visit this afternoon. The boys are finished around 4, then the little one has his taekwondo chug. Had to share a funny thing MIL said.........she's all worried about him doing too much cuz he's just amazing and loves all his grandkids and LIVES for being with them and for helping out anyone and everyone he can. So she tells me...............

"Just do me a favor, at least this week, make sure he drives home before it gets dark...."

haha Now, for those of you who live elsewhere, this may not seem to be too tall of a request. If it gets dark at 7, and he's been over since 4, then that's GREAT, and has been a BIG help. But, *ahem* hello, it gets dark here around 5:15/30! I'm not trying to be selfish and all, but if the man has come half way around the world a week early to help me out, I'm not having him shlepp to my house (25 minutes from his), only to turn around an hour later! He'll have barely said hello to the boys!

So yes, MIL and her suggestions get the response of "yeah, right, whatever" quite often around here!! haha

I'm just glad he's on the way............and no, I will NOT be taking advantage of him, but the boys will be so happy to have him around, and so will the grown-ups!