Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cautiously moving forward.........tfu tfu tfu

So yes, moving's that time of year move ahead, to look forward and to start all over again with a clean slate! Shana Tova, Happy New Year, wishing you all a Happy, and healthy one filled with just the right amount of challenges to keep you smiling but on your toes! :)

As for me, I'm doing well (tfu tfu tfu). Had an ultrasound a week ago where (again tfu tfu tfu), the doctor had nothing but good stuff to report. Baby is growing well, has all the necessary parts and organs, bones are looking good, facial structure, brain, bladder, kidneys and so on and so on. It was amazing to hear the report and to get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Something new for me.............with the previous 2 pregnancies with my boys, we did not know what we were having. We asked to keep it a secret, even though the ultrasound techs always said they knew. We were surprised right up to the end, and I even made sure while in labor when they did an u/s to check (one of them, don't remember which), I was screaming........"don't tell me the sex!!!" haha

But with this one, we decided we wanted to know! Already, since announcing I'm pregnant, people have added in their comments: "So, do you think this one's a girl?" "Trying for your girl, huh?" "Wouldn't it be great if this one is a girl?" AARGH!!!! I figured that if I wasn't going to find out, I would surely go crazy before the birth with all of the questions!!! On the one hand, if I found out it's a boy, I could shut them up before the questions start, and if on the other hand it's a girl, then they could just rephrase! I think psychologically I just NEEDED to know!!!

So yes, if you're wondering, i'm stalling! haha Are you wondering if I found out??? Well, I did, and well........................DRUMROLL PLEASE................................

Let's just say, when I told my boys what we're having, I bought them each a big bottle of PINK STRAWBERRY MILK and told them they're going to have to get used to having some PINK around the house!!!! :) So yes, it's a GIRL!

At least, that's what the doctor why am I so cautious??? The doctor (not u/s tech, DOCTOR) said that she didn't see boy parts, and that it was a girl. It's just so unbelievable to me!!! I've been given a gift that I'm not used to getting, and it's just so surreal! I'm scared, I've heard stories about ultrasounds that were wrong, people who thought they were having a girl, bought everything, decorated the room, and bam! penis! So yes, I'm cautious. Then again, this is Israel, I've already had more ultrasounds than I can count, so i'm sure I'll have more. There WILL be more opportunities to see HER, to be reassured that SHE is a SHE.

For now, I am just relying on faith, living with my gift, and visualizing every moment what it's going to be like to have a little girl with my boys' face on her! haha It truly is a dream come true!