Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keeping Busy in the Summertime.....

Whew! I am tired! It's only 2pm and I haven't done much of anything today, but I'm tired and oh so busy! haha

ahhhh..........the joyous sounds of a teacher on summer break!

This morning, I dropped the kids of at their summer camps, stopped off at the Health Building to take care of something, and was home by 8:20. I've been going to the gym each morning at that time but decided to pass today so I could come home and clean....

I vacuumed the carpet and prepped the floors for sponga, did a couple of loads of wash, did the dishes, and of course utilized the couch for a bit here and there and in between! We wouldn't want it to get lonely now would we?

Had to rush out of the house at 12:45 to go pick up the kids.....home by 1:15, with a friend and minus a boy. Love the families we can do swaps with........I leave a kid, take a kid! Not as awesome as taking 2 kids to 2 families and leaving them both, but I felt I should be with kids at least some point during the day!

The 'laws are due to return this afternoon. They come in around 4:15ish or so. Thought about hopping on the train and popping over to meet them, but it's just so the kids don't even know they're coming back early. They're not supposed to come till next week or so.

And that's that..........I'm off now to go switch some more loads of laundry. The towels are looking dry and a load just finished in the wash that needs to be hung up.

Hope you're having an uneventful relaxing summer too!!