Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rising to the occasion......

I'M MAKING MY FIRST CHALLAH!! I've participated in challah braiding, and tasted challot all over the world........but have never ever ever, until today, made my OWN challah from scratch. I'm not sure what sparked my interest in doing so. Maybe it was going to friends' for shabbat last weekend and tasting her homemade challah, and maybe it was sitting home with a sick kid for the past 3 days procrastinating the cleaning and laundry? Whatever it was, that's what I've been up to.

10am...Right now, the dough is rising, and I think I got it right. The recipe from my friend said to add a couple of splashes of Vanilla Soy milk, which I did not have, and subsequently forgot to add the splashes of the rice milk that I thought I could substitute for the soy. Other than that, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I do have a bit of a schedule conflict, seeing that we need to leave the house at 11:30ish to make it to an 11:45 doctor's appointment, and logistically am supposed to be kneading the dough again by 12:15ish. Sooooo, we'll see. My friend told me it should be ok, will just need to be knocked down again or something like that. So again, keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: 2pm Hmmmm, just thought, I should take some pictures to document this a bit. ugh, can't find the camera. I think hubby took it last Fri. to the gan when Ilan was Abbah Shabbat. Oh well, you'll have to believe me. I'll be back with another update when they all come out of the oven. Right now there are 2 little braided challot (each boy made his own), one medium braided challah, and one cool snailed up challah that I think we are all going to have to taste this evening once it's cooled. Waiting on the counter in my loaf pan is a cool braided loaf that is going to be awesome for some FRENCH TOAST!!! yay........

oh, and did I mention I'm quite proud of myself? Going to go take a peek at the little buggers. bye!