Monday, January 21, 2008

The (nice) Know-it-all

WE had a playdate yesterday. I say WE, because it wasn't just one child who came to play on his own, but the little boy (my youngest' friend from Gan, just turned 4), his 2 older brothers (a year older than my oldest, but friendly with him), and the baby sister (2 1/2), and MOM.

side note: "Magia li" (I deserve it), because a few weeks ago, they invited my younger son over for a playdate, and when I brought him, he didn't want to stay alone. Sooooo, my older son got out of the car and the 3 of us hung out at their place all afternoon. AND it was a long afternoon/evening, as the kids played and played. So, it was my turn.

She called and asked if we were free (they all invite themselves over in this country, such a trip!). I said yes and invited them all over. I knew I had to payback........don't do the crime if you can't do the time............

Anyway.........overall, the afternoon at our house also went well. The kids played nicely, had a grand old time, and didn't bug us too much. This is when I know it's a successful date--when I don't have to be reminded that the kids are actually here! (sounds awful I know)

But wait, I'm getting to the good part..............the MOM is one of those who does not know the meaning of clutter, dust, dirt, or grime. Her house is spotless, organized, and runs smoothly. She runs an aftercare program from her home, and as part of the 'business' has a cleaning person come every day. But that aside, she is an organizer and a clean freak! OH, and she has an idea for how EVERYTHING could be and should be done.

Among the compliments on our house, and the nice things that she said, here are a few of her "SUGGESTIONS" OR COMMENTS that I was ready to %#$@^^................
  • When she commented on how nice it was to have the table in the kitchen and I told her we were planning eventually to do a built in, she said, "Oh, I wouldn't do that, take it from me..." I never got the real reason, but OK?
  • When I gave her the tour of the house, which of course, included the little guy's room and his "slide bed" she was concerned about our use of space...."I would have put the closets on that wall so that the bed could be over here...." again, thanks, but OK? the closets are too tall because of the a/c unit way up there on THAT wall.
  • When I showed her the big guy's room with the bunk beds that we brought with us from the US, she proceeded to tell me of her ideal bunk with the bottom bed off to the side so that the beds would be in an L shape....
  • Back upstairs, dinner time......she had brought an uncooked "Pashteda"....kind of like a quiche, no crust. Anyway, we had popped it into the oven when they first arrived, and it was ready. Before she had called and asked if it would be ok if she brought it and cooked it here, I had already put the pasta on. ...............So, as the kids sat down, they were offered pashteda and pasta (with cheese to sprinkle on top). Anyway, I KNEW my kids wouldn't touch the pashteda anyway, but she kept going on about how at her house when she serves JUST pashteda, that her kids eat 2 helpings of it, but because of the pasta, they didn't want it. whatever.
  • Oh, and speaking of pasta........."Did you already put oil and salt on it?" me: "No, I just forgot, sometimes I put some oil in the water while it's cooking, but I think if I just pour some more hot water over it it will be fine"..........her: "Oh. OK."
And most of the evening went on like that, but in a nice way. She didn't feel any animosity, or realize that I was offended by her constant suggestions, and she EVEN didn't get the hint when I suggested she should make a business out of organizing people! ha! In other words, let someone ASK for help and pay you for it, cuz it's not appreciated otherwise!

Anyway.....gotta run.......