Saturday, September 29, 2007


ugh, headache. been up since little guy woke me up at 6:30 am. thanks dude.

had a gathering yesterday for friends from our old town.................4 families plus us, that's 12 grown-ups, and 15 kids!!! whew, I'm tired.

My mom is coming in today, this afternoon around 3:30. Luckily though, hubby is going to take the boys out this morning around 11ish for a few hours, so I'll get a bit of a break. Then he'll get a break when we go to get mom from the airport. Unfortunately for him, we live closer to the airport these days, AND since it's Saturday there won't be traffic.

anyway, head still pounding. already took 4 ibuprofren, help!!!

oh, and little guy seems to be brewing some sort of stye in his eye. Tried to put warm compress on it, he wasn't having it. let's hope he doesn't get sick.