Monday, August 13, 2007

.....home again, home again, jiggety jig.....

So as if it wasn't enough buying a home and moving after being in this country for just a year, we decided to take a vacation "israeli style" in Turkey. We got a good deal on "Daka90", and spent 3 nights in a fabulous resort outside of Antalya, Turkey. There were swimming pools as far as the eye could see, water slides for the kids (and adults), and the food and drink were all included.

Unfortunately...............the air condition wasn't. ugh. Just going into the dining room and picking up a plate to start the buffet caused one to sweat profusely. no joke. "So why didn't you just go into the main part of the hotel or the lobby?", you ask........Well........get this, the lobby and the hallways also were boiling and had mega humidity factors going on! it was awful. "So why didn't you just go into your room and put it on freezing?" you ask.................Well............yup, the room too was lacking. But really, the lack of heat in the rest of the hotel made the room feel great, but in reality, it wasn't much to write home about either. ugh.

OH more funny thing to tell you.....we thought about maybe on the second night getting a hotel babysitter to come and sit in the room while the kids slept. After all, we had a "Family room" which meant that the kids were downstairs in their own little suite, and our bedroom was upstairs with the bathroom. so we looked on the lobby information screen that told you all of the awesome things about the hotel that they failed to tell us on checkin, and there was the babysitter info.............

"Want someone to watch your child while you have a night to yourselves??? Babysitters are available, call from your hotel room, dial 666"

Ummmmmmm............helloooo??? Am I paranoid, maybe a tad bit. But c'mon, I'm not exaggerating, and was not about to call 666 to find a babysitter for my kids!!! In the words of Scooby Do: "Ri, ron't rink ro!!"

So we are, back at the house, back being cooped up here. Today besides the construction workers who are working on the extra room and hallway out that we've been building, I've had the screen guys here installing screens, the Tami4 guy here bringing us a water source, the electrician here finishing up his work switching the house to a Phase 3 to be able to handle all of the strain we as a family put on the system, and hmmm, was anyone else here today? My brain is so filled with the dust from the shiputzim (rennovations), that I can't think straight. (hey, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)

So there. School starts in almost 2 weeks, I know nothing. I guess I should call the other teacher who teaches English at the school where I'll be teaching, but I'm still feeling lazy. I need to go to the grocery store but again, am bound to the house. The workers will leave soon, but ugh, the thought of going to the grocery store with the boys in tow is SOOOO not appealing.

ok, thanks for reading. always fun venting even if I have no idea if anyone is going to read it or not. Have a good week!