Monday, July 30, 2007

Taking a break......aka......procrastinating!!! is it that 5 days ago I THOUGHT I was 95% finished with the packing, and then proceeded to get insulted when hubby told me it was more like 85%??????

Well today (to you, my loyal 3 readers only), I stand corrected. (We'd never let hubby know he was right, now would we???) I keep going and going like the f'ing Energizer bunny (not to be confused with the Playboy bunny, not in the least!)......and yet still, there IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!!!

So yes, we are moving tomorrow. That is, in less than 24 hours, actually in approximately 17 hours the moving men should arrive. I've got about 12 bottles of water chillin' in the fridge, along with 6 1.5 liter bottles of soda, and that's that.

Today our washer/dryer gets picked up. We had to sell it cuz in the new place, the hookup is under the kitchen counter, and ours is a one piece stacker. No biggie, we bought it, used it for a year, bugged the hell out of crazy neighbor lady down below, and now we're even selling it for more than we paid for it!!! Kudos for buying in the motherland and shipping here, huh? So essentially, a year later I get a whole new set for nada! And, the peeps who are buying our stacker are getting a discount compared to what they would pay if they purchased it brand new here, and it's only a year old. (hmmm....maybe I should have asked them if they have a crazy neighbor lady down below?? oh well)

So I've got the israeli version of MTV on my tv right now to have some working music going on, and to keep me from watching the lovely daytime tv options. I've seen that awful cheerleader movie about 3 times now, and never from the beginning. Oh, and Mystic Pizza is on, great 80's flick. aargh.......keep me away.

Ok, gotta time you hear from me I'll be reporting to you from the new pad!!! Which by the way, is being CLEANED in every nook n' cranny today, and sprayed for bugs, and floors polished too!!! A shit load of money, but sooooooooooo worth it so that I can move into a CLEAN CLEAN home!!!!

oh, and some shout outs:

*Mazal Tov to Bec, Adam, and little a&e on their ALIYAH!!! They arrive tomorrow morning and I wanted to meet the plane but movers coming. ugh.
*B'hatzlacha to Cori......she's getting drafted!!! Something she's wanted to do, read up on her blog! You go girl!
*and B'hatzlacha to Baka...........keeping fingers crossed on that big sale for you.........may the good luck transfer to me!!!

(ok, so maybe I have a total of 5 or 6 readers on a good day!, cuz there's 3 right there!)