Saturday, July 21, 2007

bits and pieces.....

So, bits and pieces of our lives are settling in here and there.

  • We are now owners of TWO homes in TWO different countries! Not quite what we expected, but hoping that my mom can move the house in Florida as soon as possible! She got an offer this week (a way low one), and we're hoping to pump it up a bit.
  • Our new home here is shaping up as well. Hubby has been great at organizing the working crew, checking in on them, and making decisions about what to do next. Luckily, the kitchen is FABULOUS to begin with, so that doesn't need to be touched. But downstairs, there were 4 bedrooms. We have taken the wall that is to the hallway of one of the bedrooms and broken it down to open up that room. That will be the playroom! We wanted to have the playroom open to increase the probability that the boys will go down there to play on their own! We're also having the entire house painted, and are having a small bathroom (we used to call it a "Powder Room" back in the old country) installed upstairs. Right now, upstairs is the living room/dining room/kitchen, and the master bedroom. BUT......there is also a bonus room...........let me explain in another bullet.......
  • You see, our home is in a building, on the bottom floor. Each of the residents in the building have a storage room downstairs behind our apartment. OUR storage room was backed up to the hallway of our home. The previous owners had opened a doorway to this storage room and used it as an in house storage room. We are taking it a step further. We have opened up a window to the hallway, and will be using this room as an office. We are also putting up walls and putting in the powder room bathroom here, just a toilet and a small sink. AND, we have found that we can open a walkway and a door way that lead directly out to the coolest mirpeset (patio) with a beautiful wooden pergola above it! Tre' cool.
  • The bureaucracy garbage is still going on....I am being patient but soon will be calling in the big guns of this country it can be all about who you know. It is all about a job for me and I have been practically sick with stress over it all. not good.
  • Luckily, hubby's job is doing well......the big wigs are starting to see what he's made of and they are upping his responsibilities etc. With that good comes the extra stress and time, but it's better than feeling like nobody values you, right?