Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sorry it took so long..........

Wow, has it really been 2 weeks since I've posted anything???? Life is just a tad bit overwhelming to me lately.

Little one is sick today, fever, lethargic, etc.
Tomorrow is my last day of teaching. The principal wants me to stay, but since we're moving 25 minutes away from here, I'm avoiding giving her an answer. I think I'll go find her tomorrow and tell her yes, but I have 2 interviews this week and another pending for next week. Not sure if it's better to tell her yes now and to come back if I find something better and tell her sorry.....or what. I don't think I can tell her to wait for me.....

ugh...........CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!!

There's so much more, I just don't know where to I won't. Not sure if anyone even reads or checks up on me so much anymore, so it's harder to write as often. Maybe I need to send out a survey.............

1. Do you read or check my blog a. once a week b. once a month or c. blog? is that what this is
2. What types of blog entries do you most enjoy? (no need for full sentences) ___________________________________________________________________
3. If you could put in a request for more posts about something, what would it be? a. stories about my kids b. stories about me finding a job c. stories about rude israelis and putting my kids into new schools? d. stories about my moving to a new place, and meeting rude israelis who don't want to hire me on the spot, or rude israelis who aren't welcoming to my kids?

AARGH.............tell me again why we're moving???? And why can't our friends move with us? ugh.

ok, nuff from me. bye