Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just busy with.........

Life.......went camping last week with friends, busy this week teaching, the usual groceries, a couple of doctor's appointments, and a night out with friends on Thurs. Then, the grand finale of the week...........hubby and I got away for Friday thru Sat afternoon for some Grown-up time. Went to a hotel on Tel Aviv beach. Hubby told them (again) that we are celebrating our anniversary, so they upgraded us to an Executive Suite.........we had floor to cieling windows on 2 walls, one facing the Mediterranean, and the other giving us an awesome view of Tel Aviv. We walked to pick up an old friend of mine from my 1988 Israel program who is visiting here, walked a bit to old Jaffa, then took a cab back down to the port for a nice dinner. Ended up the evening at Mike's Place, said goodbye to my friend (cuz well, yeah, 3's a crowd), walked a bit on the beach, then returned to Mike's Place just the 2 of us for another drink and some awesome stir-fried mushrooms! yummm... Our hotel was right next door, so we stumbled home and slept in our KING size bed in our Executive suite!!! Spent the day then today doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.............a real "Beten-Gav!"

Beten gav
Literal translation: Stomach, back

Meaning: A time of relaxation, when the only activity one does is turn over from lying on the back to lying on the stomach.

Example: Work, work, work I really need some beten gav.