Thursday, May 10, 2007

ugh......domicile woes......

Soooooooo, FRUSTRATION is beyond the word to describe how we're feeling these days with purchasing this home that we want to purchase. I haven't said much about it, as I haven't wanted to JINX it, but it seems jinxed anyway. I'm not sure if really it's a jinxed deal and we need to walk away, or whether we need to instead just see this AGAIN as one of those tests that g-d is giving us to see how much we really want it.

To summarize the situation, the latest is that the people were found to be pretty much in foreclosure, and had past due payments on their mortgage. It basically means more paperwork for our lawyer, and delays that we have been waiting for them to get the paperwork to us, etc. etc. Meanwhile, the real estate agent keeps calling and trying to negotiate the deal more in regards to the dropped dollar. Which, by the way, if these people had been upfront with us and hadn't hid the fact that the house wasn't "free and clear" as they say, then things might have moved along quicker or we would have walked away earlier and had more time to look for something else. Bottom line, they want the initial chunk that we are giving as a downpayment (negotiated in dollars, paid in shekels)to be negotiated at the dollar rate from when we first agreed on the price of the house, now a month ago! The dollar in all of this putzing around time has now dropped below 4.0 and yes, he is not going to gain as much from the sale. HOWEVER, we will not be screwed from both ends......this money that we are talking about is money that we are going to be bringing in from the states, so already we are having to pay the conversion, plus the transfer fees, etc. If he has us negotiate and sign that we will pay at the older, higher rate, we're going to end up having to come up with extra cash from nowhere.

We are just done. Today hubby got another call from the Real Estate agent trying to plead that this other family is under hardship, the miskenim, and the dollar dropped, yadda yadda yadda. Hubby said to her........"You are talking but I am not hearing this. You don't understand, I am done, I have had enough of this, and I am telling you right now that the owners need to decide what they want to happen. We are NOT going to agree to secure any other dollar rate besides the rate of the day when we sign." He then told her that it is now up to them whether or not we continue this deal. They have like 24 hours to decide whether or not they want to agree to this on our terms or we will walk. scary.

I hate putting things into the hands of fate, g-d, the universe, or whatever powers that be. I know that in the end whatever is meant to be will be and that the right thing will happen in the end. However, it's so hard to trust that things that cause us discomfort or pain might in the end be what needed to happen in order for us to get to something better.

ugh. thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for all the virtual hugs and pats on the back and reassurances that it will all be ok in the end. I'll keep you all posted........