Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Haven't signed yet on the dotted line, but negotiations have taken place and the final contracts are being drawn as we speak!!! It took hubby talking to the seller and explaining that we weren't trying to have a spitting contest with him, nor are we trying to squeeze him out of extra money.........but that we are suffering too. From being olim who have less than a year ago moved our lives across the world, to the house we own in the states that is not being sold.........to the dropping dollar.........yes, we are hurting too. Once he realized we are normal people too, he agreed to our final conditions. We are hoping to sign the initial papers this coming week, and the final papers on July 1st.........they may need to stay in for a month, but will rent back from us week by week, and will be out by Aug. 1st. During that extra month, the contract states that they must allow us to come measure and bring people in for estimates. So that aug. 1st we can begin shiputzim and then can move in ASAP before school starts on Sept. 1st. cutting it close...............but this is the best we could do.

HUGS to all for your kind words and support!!!