Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Miscellaneous stuff.....

ugh, up at 2:30 am with sick kid (my 5 year old) in my lap. He's fallen asleep, but I want to be sure his fever is on the way down from the 103.6 that it was an hour and a half ago when he woke me! We've done the warm washcloth thing, tried to get him to drink (he refuses), and have pumped him with both Tylenol at 1am and then ibuprofen a little over an hour later. ugh. no fun.

Strike tomorrow at the GAN (kindergarten); apparently there is a government strike tomorrow that involves certain sectors, the teacher's aide is part of this sector and therefore is not working. Thank goodness for Saba, (Hebrew for grandpa, hubby's dad) cuz tomorrow I have my class that only meets once a week.

Which brings me to......my new class. I am taking a Teacher's Course to get certified to teach English here in Israel. Essentially it will transfer my teaching certificate from the states so that it is recognized and enables me to teach here. Do I want to teach here? Do I want to teach English here? questions that still do not have answers. At least if the answer is yes, I'll be certified. (and maybe certifiable?)

CHINA.......my dad (who passed away in Feb. 1995 z''l) used to be in the import business in the states. He worked for a company that imported all sorts of things from Hong Kong and Taiwan and traveled there at least 3 or 4 times a year. My mom went with him every summer, and after graduating high school and then after getting my Master's degree, I joined them. On the trip after college, my mom and I also took a side trip to Beijing, traveled around on a tour and even climbed The Great Wall!!! My most memorable moment though of that trip was one morning when I had woken up early to work out in the hotel gym with my dad. We were walking on the treadmills next to each other and he was talking about how lucky I was to be spending this time with him...that he didn't have these quality moments with his father, and that one day I'd look back on this moment and remember fondly working out with him in the silly little hotel gym. He passed away 6 months later. It is a special memory.

Another good book I've read recently: My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult; fabulous read!