Saturday, October 14, 2006


So, wow, the chaggim (holidays, usually referred to as the High Holidays in English) are over and were just filled with many "Wow, we live in Israel" moments!!! Rosh Hashanah, realizing how laid back and welcoming the local synagogue was, Yom Kippur with the kids and the bicycles, and the intense intense yizkor, a super long fast, and then my favorite: sukkot! wow, I completely enjoyed seeing sukkot on people's patios, in their backyards, and outside of resuraunts on the street. It was just wild!

But has been INTENSE to say the least! My mom has been here visiting, left last night, after being here ONE MONTH.........whew! I have a nice relationship with her, love her, know I can count on her, etc. But it was too close for comfort and in the end she was feeling upset cuz the kids weren't warming to her as she would have liked. not good. but they did make up for it with pictures and hugs and kisses before she left.

So last night, after dropping my mom off at the airport ( a few tears, the bittersweet feeling of seeing her go and knowing it was time), hubby and I drove into town (Tel Aviv). We drove down Dizengoff St. and after a short detour, founds ourselves in the direction of the port. We were in search of our Therapy location...........and before long, we found the perfect place!

THE PLACE was incredible........a perfect place for SUSHI THERAPY,......nice music, perfect lighting, and ambiance galore! We sat at the bar, ordered some sake, and began to take plates from the little track that passed before us. The sushi chefs were hard at work on the other side of the bar filling the little plates with sushi and placing them onto the revolving track. If you ever wondered which sushi would be appearing next, or how the chefs made the sushi, you could look to the right at the flat screen tv on the wall of the restaruant which featured the sushi chefs' every move with the knife!

We had a lovely time, and as we rolled ourselves out o YAKUZA, we both decided that "We needed that," and then decided we had just been through SUSHI THERAPY!!!!

I highly recommend it! :)