Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's a Small, Small, world..........

So this week has been a busy one......both boys had their beginning Gan (preschool) meetings, we had a parents' meeting for the little one's private gan (ridiculous waste of time---I mean really, how much time REALLY needs to be spent talking about what these kids are offered for lunch!) Anyway, and Fri. morning the little one had 2 hours of gan, to which we were informed Wed. night that parents were encouraged to stay with them if they were hesitant. So, WE went to gan, Ilan and I. It was fun, and contrary to my belief after the parents' meeting, the moms that I talked to were nice. They were all surprised to see that Ilan didn't speak ANY hebrew, and were encouraging that Hoo Yilmad Maher (he will learn fast).

This week has also been busy in that we opened our home to a new Olah, a new immigrant. This girl sent a note out on the nbn yahoo group asking for a place to stay before her kibbutz ulpan starts. It turned out that she is going to the SAME kibbutz that I lived on for 2 months as a part of my Young Judaea Year Course program in 1988-89. Anyway, I figured that was a nice coincidence and invited her to stay with us. Well, long story short, it turns out, our guest, CORI, is a BLOGGER!!! too wild! Small, small world!

But wait, it gets good friend bec whom I have never met, and had never even spoken to on the phone, ever, told me that her cousin Danny was coming back to Israel after a short visit abroad, that he had recently made aliyah, and he was starting in the Army. So, we invited him over for shabbat dinner. As it turns out, he had no clue that bec and I had never met! too funny. So while we were all hanging out, we called bec and completely freaked her out.......she had no idea who I was, and even took a moment to figure out who Danny was!

Anyway, it was a fun night, good to be hanging out with friends, we had shabbat dinner on the mirpeset (patio), the one that overlooks the Jerusalem (new city not old people) skyline, and as we sat and talked the sun set, and the sky gave us a show of colors, then turned dark but lit up with the lights of the is just an amazing view!

The whole Jewish Jeopardy blog world, who-knows-who scenario is always such an amzing thing to me! Have a great week everyone.................I hope to get back to blog, but we'll be busy this week............ Gan starting for both boys (preschool for Ilan and Kindergarten for Aviv), Ulpan starting for me (hebrew language class, after talking to the woman in charge on the phone, she says I can start in class level Daled--4th level!!!), and we HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, we are going to get our MECHOLA (lift, shipment, all of our crap....). Keep your fingers crossed on the last one!

So that's it for now........have a great day/week, etc.!!!