Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CALGON......take me away!!!

Ok, so I KNOW my problems or stresses are teeny-tiny in comparison to others that are experienced in this crazy world of ours.

But's my life, my blog, etc. etc. and I'm stressed out!!!

My mom is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a month! We're all very excited (hubby even admitted the other night that he missed her, it was sweet), but much to do!!! It doesn't help that my washer/dryer still is not able to be hooked up yet and I'm having to do laundry still at my in-laws (5 min away, in the neighborhood, but still a shlepp). They tried to hook it up for us the other day, but it has a "Teka Briti" (british plug) and needs an israeli one, or the Sheka (the outlet) needs to be switched to a "Briti" one. And speaking of the Sheka, it's on the SIDE of the washer/dryer space, and does not give enough room really to actually plug in the Teka. Teka-Sheka......what fun words! And the coolest thing was that we actually learned those in Ulpan (hebrew class) the same day that the technai (technician) came to my house to hook me up. cool.

Anyway, the boys are stressed too, guess they are feeling my energy. OH, and did I mention that the Instalator (plumber) is also coming back this afternoon to hopefully fix the guest bathroom that was leaking down to the neighbors' below. yeah, fun to be using one bathroom for a whole family, esp. when that one bathroom is tiny and inside of my bedroom.

aargh, I hear crying and it's possible someone may get hurt. I should stop blogging now and go be a referree (do I have to really? ) yes, Ido. bye!