Saturday, August 19, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes....

Got my usual wake-up nudge this am, by my 3 year old.

"Emah, I'm hungry! I want some cereal!"

I replied my usual, "Shhhh...go to the living room, I'll meet you there."

He left, then came running back in,

"Emah, where is Aviv (his 5 year old brother)????"

My usual resply, "Probably in the living room..."

So he finally left me, but I knew I was still doomed and would have to roll out of bed sooner rather than later ( literally roll, as we are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor). Anyway, I laid (lay, layed?) there as long as I could, and was treated to a real funny that I overheard from the living room....................

Ilan(3): "Aviv, what are you doing?"

Aviv (5): "shhh, leave me alone, I'm meditating."

Ilan: "stop, kids aren't allowed to meditate. Only growdups do."

Aviv: "no, starting from 4 you can meditate. you can do it next year"

Ilan: "oh, ok."

hee it!