Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No excuses....just haven't blogged....

Well, one good excuse is that I've been busy with the kids............ went to the Israel museum today; made ANOTHER conglomeration of glue and recycled crap for them to display on the coffee table before it mysteriously disappears one night while they're sleeping. Oh, and made some yummy bread and walked around the cool bread exhibit!

We've also been to the programs a few times at the mall: science stuff, a comedian funny guy, and more glue projects!

Yesterday we even had a playdate with a new friend, she's the daughter of friends of my in-laws and their kids are the same age as ours! Very cool. My boys have missed having friends to talk to. They have played numerous times with kids of friends of ours, but said kids don't speak english. So my kids who talk non-stop have been hushed, it's wierd.

Gan starts in 2 1/2 weeks. We are ALL looking forward to it!

Still no lift, but I have been actively researcing and have found a contact with the main ship carrier or something like that from china. they are the ones who are trying to help us get our stuff back to israel from greece. Just making me wonder if I mistakenly put anythign that might have melted while sitting who knows where, and most likely not with a/c in the port in Greece for the past month. aargh.

And that's that. Oh, and we have couches from the 'laws', but they are MOST uncomfortable, so we will be looking for new ones this weekend. It doesn't help that we are also sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so essentially there is nowherein our house to get comfortable.

ok, my rant is over, thanks for stopping by. next time my thoughts may not be as random.