Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Losing more than my mind...

I am not usually the one to lose things. In fact, my hubby is usually AMAZED at how I know the exact location of the most obscure things that have been put in the wildest places.

not anymore.

In the past few weeks I have lost our digital camera. Not just ugh, I forgot it after we went ............., but lost as in I can't even remember the last place I took a picture, or what I took. lost.

This morning I can't find a tote bag that I had some things in. Lost, as in all of the possible places I look come up empty. ugh. very frustrating.

figured if I put it "out there", that maybe the powers out there in blogland will help me find my stuff.

I had a former colleague that I taught with who had lost something once. She wasn't jewish, and found comfort in putting a statue of one of the saints in the FREEZER. I wonder if I could put shabbat candles in the freezer, maybe that would work?

any suggestions??? aargh.