Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Empty house....

wow, what a feeling! The house is empty. Anything that is here is going to be packed or pitched or sold. The couches were bought by the lawnmower man....he's picking them up on the 30th; as is the guy who is buying the queen mattress, the tvs, and hopefully some other stuff like the vacum, toaster oven, iron, and answering machine. We're all sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and it's stress level is just a bit high. hubby's brother is here for a visit. it's a nice distraction for the kids, but i'm more about hanging out right now than getting into the rough play all the time, so it's good for them.

so wow, 2 more weeks. the whole thing with the movers yesterday was surreal. Watching them number and take all of our belongings into the truck was freaky. I think the hardest part was afterwards when my mom stopped by........too much for me. The roughest part of all of this is leaving her. But, she's already got her tickets to come visit us in September for a month.

anyway, just wanted to give an update...........hope all is well with everyone!