Sunday, May 14, 2006

...These are a few of my favorite things....

Just thought I'd's Mother's Day and I wanted to share a list of the things that make me smile.

  • Of course the first one has to be my boys....all 3 of them (hubby included). Hubby is on the way to Israel, and the boys and I already miss him! And as for my little boys, they're just the greatest thing since sliced bread! :) hee hee
  • you know em? do you have em? You will LOVE em! I got a pair of navy blue ones last week and I LOVE THEM!!! Even more than I loved my simple black flip-flops. But make sure you get the real ones, pay the full $30, the fake ones are hard plastic.
  • my foam pillow....we actually have 2 now, b/c when visiting with friends, I once left it there, and had to have a new one cuz I was getting pains in my neck. So we have 2. sometimes I share, but I'm a pillow queen, so it's not always. Although I miss hubby, I'm loving having the bed to myself with all my pillows!
  • doing something nice for people and having them really appreciate it. I wrote a condolence note a year or two ago to an acquaintance when her father passed. I wrote how I knew what she was going through, etc. She just recently sent an email wishing me luck with our aliyah, and thanked me again for the note. She really appreciated it. I had gotten one of those kind of notes from an acquaintance when MY dad died, so it felt good to be able to PASS IT ON...
  • waking up to a clean house.....even though the woman who was supposed to come over to see the place yesterday stood me up! I'm grateful that she got me to do a good cleaning again, even if she was so rude as to not show and not call. (note to self, get the phone numbers of people who are coming to see the place so I have some control)
  • Clorox Bleach you use this? I love it!
  • ooooh, and Shower cap thingies to cover bowls and plates of food. Saran used to make these, but I don't see those any more--too many people just used them over and over rather than the one time use like they had hoped. I get an off brand of them from Albertson's here. (note to self again: buy a bunch of shower cap thingies before making aliyah)
  • oh, and of course, can't forget chocolate! mmmm... Candy

  • HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A NICE MOTHER'S DAY! (one that includes smiles, hugs, kisses, and of course, chocolate!)