Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I just don't get it.......

Just wanted to share how disturbed I am.....we were just watching the Israeli channel (yes, we pay an extra $20 to the dish company to have a second dish on which hubby can watch his Israeli tv). Anyway, they were showing some very moving video clips from around Israel from Yom Hazikaron.

So what "disturbed me, shocked me, saddened me so much beyond the saddness that truly encircles Yom Hazikaron anyway," you ask?

I'll tell you....there was a clip showing a busy street in the middle of traffic. The people had stopped and were standing outside of their cars for the siren. Many bloggers have written about the intensity of this moment, these 2 minutes of knowing that the entire country has stopped...buses, drivers, schools, businesses, etc..... all stopped.

OR SO I THOUGHT! (this is the part that floored me)..........there were religious men walking down the street while others were stopped and standing for the siren. AND THEY DIDN'T STOP, DIDN'T PAUSE, DIDN'T ACKNOWLEDGE!!!! I do not know what 'group' any of them belonged to, but I was so shocked!

Hubby proceeded to explain to me about how some people do not support the state, reminding me of people who do not serve in the army, do not pay taxes, etc. But I still don't get it...........to not have respect for people who have died so that they can spend their lives studying??? I just don't get it. I simply do not get it.....