Sunday, April 02, 2006


YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I got an email from NBN today!!! They want us to pick our flight choices, and to let them know if we have any plane preferences or needs YAY!! But they still haven't told us if they have actually ACCEPTED us or not, OR how much assistance we might be getting

---it's like having an ultrasound and knowing the baby is ok for now, but not knowing the sex of it when you're dying to find out

(read my post below if you haven't already to find out why I'm using the pregnant analogy!)

~~~oh, and not to throw another analogy into the mix, but the period on my keyboard isn't working Hubby ordered a *NEW* keyboard for my laptop on ebay, and it arrived all shmutzie (dust and pet hair in it); we should have known He cleaned it up, installed it and thought it was awesome Yeah, awesome till I tried to write soemthing and now have no dots for the ends of my sentances or dots for typing in dot coms ugh At least the guy says he'll refund our money; and chutzpah, he admitted he had used it for a while! SHMUCK!

oh, one last thing---my father in law is visiting; he let us go out with friends last night, then got up with the boys this am and took them to breakfast; it is abotu 10:30 am here (after time change) and they still aren't home! LOVE IT! We told him this is why we're making aliyah, so he can babysit more---he says, jokingly, "Didn't I tell you, I'm making yeridah!" (coming back to the US) hee hee