Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Emah Talk...

I was thinking this morning about the fact that I have funny names for certain things. I heard a mom in the preschool the other day use one of hers, only it sounded really dorky coming from her. As she dropped her daughter off in the classroom, she announced to the teacher, "M needs to go SISSY before she plays."

HUH? "go sissy?" I mean, the kid is 3, but still....SISSY?

Of course, NONE of my made-up words are as strange, or so I always thought. I've decided to share a couple with you. I will add to the list as time goes on and I notice or can actually REMEMBER other Emah Talk that I use. For now, all I can remember are 2....so, here goes.......

POKIE....the little piece at the bottom of the peeled banana that is NOT eaten. I have taught my children to take off the POKIE before eating their banana.

SHNOOGIES... this is the lovely yellowy/green stuff that comes out of my children's noses every so often, and especially after a visit to Chuck E. Cheese. You know, boogers! variations: shnoogs, shnoogers

oooohhhh..........just thought of another..........

BOY EGGS.....these are essentially just scrambled eggs, or really an omlette sliced into squares rather than the 'messy' scrambled eggs. When Aviv was about 2, he wouldn't eat eggs, claiming that they were a grown-up food. I told him "ok, then I'll made BOY EGGS"..... oh geez, hope he doesn't have a high school experience like Yael did... (read comments) hee hee

SUGAH BREAD.....this derived from one of our many camping experiences. We had forgotten to bring CINNAMON and EGGS, or something like that, but had planned on having french toast. Soooo, to entice our ever-picky eater, we made a big deal of saying that we were making the BEST thing....... SUGAH BREAD!!! (oh yeah, definition: Bread toasted in pan with butter and yep, you guessed it........sugar). To this day, Aviv will insist on calling French Toast SUGAH BREAD! hee hee

So tell me.........what made up words do you use on a regular basis in your house that the rest of us would hear and be like, "HUH?"