Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay..........

So well, this is what I'm trying to practice----- saying............."YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, OKAY....."

I'm back at work Sun through Thurs, and Sivan goes to a little daycare in the home of a neighbor's mom. She has 2 other babies, little guys who are a year old, and one of them is her grandson, our neighbor's son. She has a helper so that she is not alone with them, at least I think she does. But that's not important.

You must know that I love this woman. She is warm, sweet, kind, caring, and like I said, the neighbor kids' grandma. She gives and gives, really. But she's kind of stressing me out a little and I'm learning that I need to just answer her with "Yeah, yeah, yeah, OKAY." and then everything will be just fine. Explantation:

Sivan is a breastfed baby. She's my everything, my baby, a part of me....she completes me as a mom and I treat her as such. If she is unhappy, I pick her up. Not necessarily immediately if I'm in the middle of something, but I do not believe in letting her cry it out. Believe me, she cries, but not for long. I nurse her on demand and usually don't notice how long or how often she does nurse, then sometimes when she finishes, we sit and chat or relax together either on the couch or in the bed. No rules, just right.

Well, this doesn't work so well for daycare. It's not been easy for her to be away from me, depending on this new woman for her everything..........for her cuddles and for her food. But she's doing ok. But the metapelet (the sitter) is very clear on the fact that she should get used to playing more on the floor and not being in my arms as much through out the day. Here we go......"yeah, yeah, yeah, OKAY." Sivan also isn't drinking from the bottle with her, so she has been feeding her the expressed breast milk with a spoon and keeps telling me that I need to be helping by practicing at home with the bottle--nursing one time, bottle the next, then nurse, then bottle........ "yeah, yeah, yeah, OKAY."

I know she loves my little girl and only wants the transition to be best for her, but she doesn't get it. When I picked her up today, she told me that she had eaten and had her milk and shouldn't need to nurse now. guessed it.........."yeah, yeah, yeah, OKAY." When we got home, the first thing after turning on the a/c that we did was sit down on the couch together........and NURSE.........heartily, BOTH sides!!!

So yeah, I'm hearing the metapelet's words, I get where she's coming from, but it doesn't work for me and there's one thing I've learned with people in this's easier to agree with them to their face, but then do what works for you all the while repeating to them............