Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hours........blessing or curse?

As the beginning of the new school year comes closer, the topic of HOURS is on my mind. Here in Israel teachers are hired according to a certain number of hours that are available for each one, and different teachers actually work different amounts of hours. Full time is actually different based on whether or not you have young children......for example, full time is 24 hours for a mom of young children (under 9 I think, or is it 12?), anyway, where normal fulltime is closer to 26 or 29 hours.

UNFORTUNATELY, I am only going to have 18 hours at my school this coming year.......the way it stands now. I taught 24 hours last year, and now due to changes in numbers in the school, I'm going to be teaching 6 hours LESS. ugh....... I'm happy because on one hand that means there's a possibility of being with Sivan MORE than I had anticipated, but on the other hand, that means LESS MONEY...........ugh, ugh, and triple ugh.

I think I need to get on the ball to figure out a way to make up those hours....and to also figure out what it really means in regards to the numbers. I've thought about trying to make it up via private lessons, but that's so unreliable. And then I wonder what working less hours for Misrad Hachinuch (Dept of Ed) means in regards to my benefits---health, etc. ugh.

why why why??? As if it wasn't bad enough that teachers in Florida got paid low, what we get here is RIDICULOUS! embarrassing to say the least that I take home in a month a paycheck that is similar, and doesn't always even measure up to the paycheck that I used to take home in the US 8 years ago every 2 weeks. .................

I'll keep ya posted................