Saturday, January 17, 2009

So close, yet so far away.........

So this past week marked my 32nd week of pregnancy and I am now "in the 33rd". WOW! It's getting closer and closer.........and I'm beginning to freak out a bit. Hubby was in the US last week for business, got home on Tuesday night and has been the WORST sleeper ever since. He either sleeps SO soundly he snores like a buffalo, or he tosses and turns cuz he can't sleep, then gets up, goes to the living room quietly, sometimes comes back, still can't sleep, and goes out again. Last night around 5 I woke up to go to the bathroom (for the hundredth time) and noticed he was gone again. So then I couldn't sleep. UGH. (by the way, why is the spell check telling me that couldn't is spelled wrong...........isn't is also spelled wrong! huh? annoying.........ever heard of contraction words?)

Anyway, speaking of contractions, no, not having any yet, but definitely starting to freak out about the actual LOGISTICS of going into labor. Last night it was the freak out of having my water break in the middle of teaching a! Then there is the everlasting fear of going into labor at rush hour on a day that hubby has driven to work and then has an hour drive home, only for us to then have to drive another hour in traffic to the hospital. The stress is too much for me. Ideally I'll go into labor in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (I keep imagining this so as to put my intentions out into the universe that this will happen). I'll call my friend who lives 2 buildings over, hubby and I will head out to the hospital and she'll come sleep on my couch for the hour/half hour it will take my in-laws to come here and be with the boys. But then that brings me back to the freak out of what to do once we GET to the hospital.........IF I go with hubby to park the car (which I most likely won't), then it's at least a 10 minute walk through the mini-shopping mall adjacent to the hospital. On the other hand, hubby COULD drop me off at the entrance to the hospital and I'd have to go in on my own and he would show up about 20 minutes later after parking and going through the mall etc. on his own. Of course this is no big deal, but it still freaks me out a bit.

And still, I go back to the thoughts of going into labor during the day..........aargh! Too stressfull to go there right now.

One good thing, the principal interviewed an English teacher to take my place while I"m on maternity leave. She's not an English speaker, but she has 16 years experience in actually teaching English here in Israel, and she is currently doing another teacher's maternity leave in another school which will END on March 5..........I'm due one week later! So for this, I am grateful, I can breathe a little easier, cuz that was one of my freakouts.

Anyway, that's enough freaking out for one day......I'm not even going to go NEAR the thoughts about the "situation" over in our part of the world. We hope and pray that peace is one day possible.

And with that, I'm done. Have a good day, thanks for listening!