Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feeling helpless......

So my older son was home all last week sick with a virus of some sort. His temperature kept going up. It would go down with a dose of tylenol or advil (I actually use the generic brands, and yes, still am stocked from various trips when my mom has brought us more). Anyway...........the fever would go down for a few hours then just as I was feeling like he was doing better, it would spike again. Yesterday, (shabbat), he was doing great, and didn't have any medicine all day. He felt a bit off around 11am, but it didn't go up too high. By the afternoon, he was doing great and they were getting so antsy to get out. Soooooo, we took them to the bowling alley. We wanted to take them to see a movie, thinking it's less active, but the boys didn't want anything to do with the movies.

So bowling it was. (Or, as pronounced in hebrew.....bauwling). Anyway....he was fine, came home and was fine, went to bed, was fine, was fine when I checked on him at 11pm and was fine when he woke up this am.

So I brought him to school. He was so excited and felt sooo good with the welcome that he got! Kids were so excited to see him and he felt amazing! It was so nice as a mom to see.

I decided not to have him stay in aftercare, and I (to the dismay of my principal), skipped out on the staff meeting and opted to take him home to rest. I checked his temp when we got home, and it was normal. Sooooooo, he was doing fine, did his homework, ate some lunch, and suddenly said, "I can't eat any more because I'M FREEZING!" I covered him up with a blanket on the couch and took the temp again.............and now it's about 99.7-100 I don't know for sure because I use an ear thermometer, and everything I read says that they aren't EXACT. What I DO know for sure is that it's still brewing..................AARGH!

I know it's nothing major, but it's so frustrating. The poor guy just wants to feel normal again! Ok, thanks for listening...........I won't even go into explaining what's up with my little one. I'll leave that for another days' post.

Hope you and yours are doing well............