Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time for prayers....

Those of you who have read the mumbo jumbo that I rattle off now and again know that I'm not very religious, not very big on prayer. It's not that I don't believe in the power of prayer, but it's just not part of my everyday routine.

But every now and again there comes a time when I hear of somebody who really needs the prayers of as many people as possible.

My friend DD is one of those people. I've known him since we were kids at summer camp. He was always the nicest guy. We weren't that close, as we weren't in the same groups, but I knew him. And later, in college, we hung out. We even took a Geology class together, I think it was Geologyy...."Rocks for Jocks" they called it. Anyway, one night I remember staying up with DD all night drinking coffee (which I didn't really like) so that we could study for an exam. It was so much fun.

Anyway, many years, and many life experiences later, and I just found out that DD, 36 years old, has been diagnosed with Cancer of the Spleen. He has started a 5 day treatment round of aggressive chemotherapy to try and beat the odds. I'm sick over thinking about it.

There's nothing more to say, but please, if you're a prayer or even anyone who believes mildly in the power of prayer, now's the time to give it your all. I thank you, DD thanks you, and so do all of his family and friends.