Saturday, March 17, 2007

eh? what did you say?

First off, sorry I haven't posted in a while (not that anyone has noticed or missed me). Life has just been, well, life.

Anyway.......long story short..........

  • 6weeks ago (or more actually) thought my little one had bad ear infections, woke up crying, doctor visit, said fluid in ears.
  • Medicine to dry up ears.
  • Hearing test=mild hearing loss, "see ENT"
  • went to ENT= ordered tests......xray of Adnoids, check for sleep apnea at Sleep Clinic due to huge "kissing tonsils", another hearing test, then return to ENT.
AARGH!!! CALGON............TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

All this and wait there's more:
  • in-law's returning this coming Wed. after 3 months in the US
  • my mom coming the week after
  • Pesach looming and haven't cleaned one stitch for it
  • looking for new home in Modiin (anyone out there know of a fab 4.5-5 room place?)
  • putting home in FL up for sale (anyone want to buy a 3 bedroom house with huge yard?)
  • starting to teach after Pesach in Middle School--a "dovrei anglit" class (english speakers), but still, middle school aargh.
  • working on project still for teacher course (mostly just a PITA)
  • hubby working and stressed
  • money stresses
AARGH!!! I think I need a Hope the rest of you are having a less stressful life. But I'm happy, really I am. :D