Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy Neighbor Lady strikes again!!!

Just a recap of my lovely neighbor TZIPI who lives down below..........and no, the name has not been changed to protect the guilty! Anyway, we've only lived here since just before August 1st, we're talking 4 months here, 4 and a half max, and do you remember what she has complained about??? Let me refresh your memories..............

  • Tzipi had a leak in her ceiling of her bathroom towards the end of August; we had to arrange schedules to have a plumber come out numerous times; eventually, they broke up the tile on the side of the tub, my kids in the heat of the summer couldn't bathe for like a week or two (we showered them, much to their dismay), and eventually, the final story was that the leak was fixed from going in through the ceiling of HER BATHROOM, and the whole tile break up mess in my kids' bathroom was unnecessary!
  • A few weeks later, Tzipi calls again. (ugh, another leak I'm thinking?) But no, now it's my Washer/Dryer that is making so much noise that she cannot stay even in her house for one minute! "There's a vibration all over my whole house when you do it!" she told me. "You must call a technician to level the machine so that it won't make so much noise." she told me. So, sweet, kind, (pushover) me calls in a technician who tells me that the machine is level, it's just in an architechturally ridiculous space, fits perfectly, and as a result sends the noise to her. Plus, it's standing on the floor which isn't separated much from her ceiling. So, with this report, sweet, kind, (pushover) me says, "Well Tzipi, tell me when you work and I will try my best to do the laundry only when you are not home." So now, I have a shedule taped to my machine and I only operate during her working hours. Luckily, my boys don't flinch if I run it at like 11pm on the nights that she works the night shift. (and I only do this if I know I'm going to be up watching a movie or something).
  • So yes, there's more.........I got another call from Tzipi yesterday........she has been smelling something burning in her apartment every time that we use our heating system. For a few days she wasn't sure where it was coming from, then she had a friend over who works with heating systems. This friend tells her that the smell is coming from our heating unit and we need to put in a chimney of sorts because the noxious fumes are entering her apartment and it is impossible to sit on her mirpeset (porch), or to have the windows opened. Well, remember that we rent, and now I get smart. I tell her that I want her to deal directly with the owner of the apartment and I get the two of them to talk. The owner sends out the technician from the Gas Company who checks they system and finds that it is all "L'fee ha chok", within the law, and tough. Sorry that she smells something, he tells her, it is double the distance that it needs to be from her window, and what the heck is she doing opening her window in the winter anyway?
AARGH!!! CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!! So now you know my craziness with my neighbor; thanks for listening, I'll keep you posted if any more sagas (would that be sagot?) arise.........