Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Just an update into our world.....a few things of interest in case you are wonderin'........

*NO, our stuff has not arrived, still in customs here in Israel, so close we can taste it, but so far nothing in sight. ugh.

*Boys both started GAN (preschool for the little guy and Gan Chova--kindergarten for the big guy) this week. BOTH are doing well, are happy, and having a great time!

*I started Ulpan this week! I'm in a daled level class (level 4), and I go 3 times a week. The class has about 12 people in it, some haven't decided yet if they're staying. There are 3 Americans, I think 2 English, 2 Russian, and about 4 French, give or take a few Nationalities here and there! :) The teacher is fab and I'm enjoying it, even though I have to rush to be there for 8:30 after dropping the kids off around 7:30.

*I sat with Aliyah06 aka. BakaDiary during the break....it was nice to meet after only reading each other's blogs! (ps. we're still on for Thurs. unless i hear from the shippers...)

*My MOM is coming in a week to visit and stay for a month!!! We are all very excited to see her and to have her be with us, but we hope that we will have a bed to offer her. ugh.

and I think that's that.......gotta get moving on cleaning this place up. I'm meeting a new friend for coffee around 11 in the mall. hugs to all............me