Monday, September 18, 2006

How SWEET it is.......

The boys were riding their scooters round and round the table on the mirpeset (patio) yesterday afternoon singing, "Shana Tova, Shana Tova...." unfortunately that is all they know. So we heard it over and over and over and over again!!! But oh, how SWEET it is to hear the excitement in their voices as we talk about the chag (holiday) coming up and the different things they are learning in their Ganim (preschool and kindergarten).

The little one asks me each day if I know what "such and such" means in hebrew. Here are a few of the things that he has "taught" me:

Ilan's version: Bo weeshtot.
Ilan's meaning: "Come drink some water because it's hot outside."
True meaning: Come, drink.

Ilan's version: Al ha rosh.
Ilan's meaning: "head."
True meaning: On the head. (from a kids game/song)

Ilan's version: shev
Ilan's meaning: Sit
True meaning: he got this one 100%!!! as you see, even in the sample above, the language learning is progressing. Last night in his bath, 'Batman' was saying, "Ayzey yom hayom?" (what day is today) over and over again. It was too cute.

Aviv on the other hand isn't talking as much, but he seems to be surely building his vocabulary. It's such an amazing thing to say goodbye to them both each morning knowing that even though they are spending the day that is being conducted fully in hebrew, and they are HAPPY!!! so cool.

As a ROSH HASHANAH wish from me to you.........may you all know the sweetness and happiness that children feel. Have a SWEET and HAPPY New Year; Shana Tova U'metuka!

---Susie and the gang......