Monday, August 21, 2006

fyi about spam

Have you ever actually EATEN spam??? I mean really, ok tuna fish comes in a can, and I can handle that when doctored, but SPAM....blech. Did you know that in Hawaii, they love the stuff! It's even on menus in resturaunts..........spam loaf (sorry bec), spam sandwiches, spam-ghetti, spamsagne, spam sushi, etc.

update: OMG! I just came back to link to the official SPAM website andI am blown away! There is a fanclub, a spammobile, a museum, aargh!!! What is this world coming to???

Turns your stomach doesn't it???? And as a result, we avoid it, at least I do. Except for now, I really haven't ever paid much attention to the little tin box cans of the meat stuff. I know I've probably walked passed it in the aisles of Publix a thousand times, but never noticed or paid much attention.

And to email spam and blog spam, I do the same............only now I have a moderators button that allows me to get rid of it! :) hee hee, and I do. Thanks to those who have read said spam and have not fed the fury. This is not a place for that and I appreciate your understanding of what I have created here.

Hope you've enjoyed my little analogy. Hugs to all, have a nice day!

ps. NEW COUCHES ARE COMING TODAY!!!! (happy dance!)