Monday, July 17, 2006

LIFE goes on.....

Just a quick hello to let you know my dear readers that I haven't posted only because we've been busy!

Did I tell you about Friday night? We went out with friends' to celebrate our arrival and also both of our wedding anniversaries. This friend S. and hubby have been friends since childhood. Now we are all friends and we get together with our children. It's wild.

Anyway, we went to Ireland. Well, not REALLY Ireland, but DUBLIN, a new hot Irish pub in Jerusalem. This bar is a prime example of Israel's investment in her future...........someone has put mega bucks into this place, and it's awesome! The website that I've linked to is for what I'm seeing is the same pub in Herzeliya, so now I'm DUBly impressed!!! Thank you, to whomever thinks enough of Israel to build such a place, it's truly awesome.

And it was PACKED last Friday night (yes, on shabbat, in Jerusalem!) And we had a great time, drank too much beer, and just enjoyed the songs the dj played, and the buzz of the people....all trying to get away from the news and the broadcasts. For one short (or not so short) night, we all went to Dublin!!! I'm sure we'll be back there again!